• USA Healthcare & Insurance Information

    While vacations are intended to be times of relaxation and enjoyment, accidents and illnesses can happen. Although the USA is generally a modern, safe society, unanticipated unfortunate events may transpire. Fortunately, as one of the most modern countries in the world, the United States offers first rate medical care.

    The United States is renowned for having some of the finest hospitals and medical services in the world. There are always a number of quality hospitals in every major American city with the finest medical equipment available. However, the United States' healthcare system is also notorious for its incredibly expensive costs and cumbersome administration and services.

    The United States is the only developed country that does not have universal healthcare coverage for its citizens. While 84% of Americans have health insurance, the United States spends more on healthcare per capita than any other country. Approximately 15% of the U.S. GDP is spent on healthcare. This is due to the incredibly high cost of healthcare in the U.S. Expenses resulting from medical treatment are the most common cause for individual bankruptcy in the United States.

    Healthcare coverage is provided by several different entities within the U.S. The United States government is the single largest insurance provider in the country. Around 60% of Americans receive health insurance through an employer. Those not covered by private insurance may be eligible to receive insurance coverage provided by the government.

    The government offers such programs as Medicaid, Medicare, and the Veterans Administration. Medicaid is designed to help low income families receive medical treatment at minimal cost. Medicare designated to assist the elderly and retired Americans in paying for medications and treatments. The Veterans Administration, or VA, is meant to provide healthcare to veterans and their families through a system of hospitals and clinics.

    There are both for-profit and non-profit hospitals in the U.S. The for-profit hospitals are typically managed by large corporations, while non-profit hospitals are commonly operated by local or state governments, religious organizations, or other non-profit organizations. American hospitals, both for-profit and non-profit, are usually of the highest standards.

    As a result of the high cost of healthcare in the United States, international medical insurers have tailored their plans to provide or avoid treatment in the USA. Many international health insurance plans provide coverage limited to emergency medical treatment only, or do not provide cover in the USA at all. While other international health insurance plans are fully portable to the United States. Some medical plans offer cover for just a limited period in the United States per year.

    Our advisors can help you find the international health insurance plan best suited for your expatriate or travel needs. With our experience dealing with the particulars of American health insurance coverage options, we can advise you on the most appropriate levels of cover for your time in the United States. Alternatively, for a quote, see our free quote page.