• International Health Insurance Individual/Family Plan Testimonials

    We are confident that when you speak with our staff you will be impressed by their knowledge and professionalism; however, if you wish to do some more research on us then we can refer you to some of the worlds leading International Companies who already work with us and who will be happy to relay their experience to you.

    Chris Baehr's Testimonial Letter

    You have been wonderful, Chris.  I'm not much of an "international" type -- I just stay here in Florida and try to help launch my children out into the world while I sit on the beach watching the hurricanes go by!  Thus, you have been a godsend to me in my efforts to understand how to ensure that my precious daughter is safe while she is so far away from home.  You probably have no idea just how much you, personally, have relieved our anxieties and made us feel better!

    Please show this email to your managers, as I would like them to know how grateful we are for your assistance, your extraordinary communicative skills, and your kindness.  You made everything so easy, and since I'm sure that members of my family, and friends, will be out in that big world with increasing regularity, I will very much look forward to working with you in the future.  I hope your managers know that your customers think they are very fortunate to have you.

    HK Staff Member Testimonial Letter

    I would like to thank HK Staff for all his help over the last few weeks. I got really short notice from my company that I had to move to one of our overseas offices for 2 years. I have been on a few vacations before, but I've never lived overseas.

    My company gave me some local insurance but it wasn't enough. HK Staff really helped me find the insurance I needed. I really had no idea where to begin, so I was relieved when HK Staff explained all the options that were available to me and which insurance policies I could take home with me after my time overseas was done. He gave me honest advice, and answered all of my questions promptly. I really appreciate all his help.

    Luke Turkenburg Testimonial Letter

    Luke was great helping us get insurance for our big move abroad. With 3 kids, we've got so much to think about before the move. I was very concerned about getting insurance that would cover us abroad and back at home too. Luke did a great job of explaining all the different plans and options to us. Now that we have the insurance we need our move will be a lot less stressful.