• Singapore Health Insurance for Expats

    Singapore health insurance for expats

    Moving to a new country is both an exciting and daunting experience - one that comes with many new opportunities and challenges. While there are many things waiting for you in Singapore, it can make your life easier to sort out a few things, like health insurance, before you arrive.

    Our partner, Pacific Prime Singapore, has used its experience to create handy guides for any expats looking for health insurance in the Lion City.

    Healthcare in Singapore

    Singapore, a city-state with a population of around 5.4 million people, has been a popular destination for expats for many years. In its annual survey, Expat Explorer, HSBC named Singapore as the number one ranked country for 2016; scoring in the top four for both economics, experience, and family measures. Similarly, the health care system in Singapore has consistently ranked high in global rankings with Bloomberg naming it 2014’s most efficient in the world.

    Public healthcare in Singapore

    The public health system in Singapore is government funded and provides universal coverage to both citizens and Permanent Residents. It has eight public hospitals, which includes separate women’s and children’s hospitals. All hospitals provide inpatient, outpatient and emergency care to the country.

    Specialty clinics for services like dermatology and dentistry are also available. Unlike public systems in many other nations, the Singapore system actually features lower than average wait times and the ability to visit the same physician for repeat care.

    The issue here for many expats is that the public funding is only available to Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents. Expats and foreigners will be charged rates comparable to the private sector.

    Private healthcare in Singapore

    Alternatively, the private sector in Singapore is also world class. It's 10 hospital system also features a variety of private clinics, mostly operated by three hospital groups; Parkway Holdings, Pacific Healthcare Holdings, and Raffles Medical Group.

    Their facilities are generally smaller but offer more private rooms and care that can be described as ‘luxurious’, albeit at extra cost. Patients definitely experience even shorter wait times for popular procedures than in the public sector, and many also note that the level of customer service is above and beyond what many expect of other private hospital sectors.

    Costs in Singapore

    Fees and costs of care in Singapore are very transparent and prices can be relatively consistent from hospital to hospital. Under the government scheme, Singaporeans can receive a subsidy for care of up to 80% on their final bills while PR’s can be entitled to around a 60% discount. This can make receiving care in Singapore relatively affordable for long term expats.

    Those of you without PR status however will not be entitled to a subsidy, nor can you join the government healthcare savings account scheme. Obtaining private Singapore medical insurance is recommended as the cost of a specialist out-patient visit will cost you USD 100 in the public system (Singaporeans pay USD 25, and PR’s pay USD 36). If you prefer to receive private care, the cost of staying at some facilities can run as high as paying US 4,000 per night.

    Pacific Prime Singapore: Your insurance expert in the Lion City

    Obtaining international health insurance for expats is something our partner, Pacific Prime Singapore, has been doing in Asia for over 15 years. As a leading broker, their expert advisors have helped over 120,000 clients and companies find the right insurance solutions in places like Singapore, Hong Kong and China. Whether you’re about to move to the Lion City, or you’re already there, Pacific Prime Singapore can offer you a free quote to start the process. Contact them today!