• Duplicate of International Insurance Providers | Vanbreda International

    With over 50 years experience in the international insurance market, Vanbreda International is a truly global company that now serves 890,000 expatriates across 192 countries.

    Vanbreda International specifically focusses on providing international insurance for employees of global organisations, whether they are small, medium or large businesses, as well as NGOs and other groups. More than a typical insurance provider, Vanbreda International also designs tailored programmes which provide employees with a range of medical benefits and other non-medical well being services.

    Expatriates are relocating further afield today than ever before. Vanbreda International understands this and has developed a network of over 10,000 providers worldwide so that policyholders can find treatment no matter where they are in the world. What’s more, claims can be made in a number of languages and almost any currency is accepted when covered expenses are reimbursed.  

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