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    Integra Global logoIntegra Global is an American health insurance provider that offers quality insurance products and services to American nationals living overseas. Although Integra Global concentrates on offering its health insurance products and services to Americans abroad, however, options are available to match the needs of other nationalities living outside of their home countries as well.

    Based in the United States, Integra Global has a presence in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, so that policyholders can receive support wherever they may be. Integra Global maintains the largest healthcare network in North America working with many doctors and hospitals.

    In order to better understand the healthcare needs of Americans living abroad, Integra Global maintains a presence in American expatriate communities around the world. By working together with policyholders on the local level, Integra Global strives to constantly improve products and services to better meet policyholder's needs. Integra Global also has a 24-hour helpline to assist policyholders at any time anywhere in the world.