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    IHI-Bupa logoIHI Danmark is among the leaders of the international private medical insurance industry. Founded in Denmark in 1979, IHI began by providing health insurance coverage to Danish nationals working abroad. With over thirty years of experience, IHI Danmark continued to improve its products and broadened its business to serve expatriates of all nationalities.The company now offers more than forty different insurance products to meet the diverse and specific needs of its clientele.

    IHI Danmark has recieved a range of national and international awards for outstanding insurance products and services, and in 2004 was named the 'Best international private health group',

    In 2005, IHI Danmark was purchased by British insurer BUPA, one of the world's largest and best known health insurance companies. Even after the acquisition, IHI Danmark remains committed to the same core values of providing overseas nationals with the highest level of health coverage and support service. IHI Danmark continues to introduce a wide array of international health insurance products and services.

    With offices located worldwide IHI Danmark staff  are always available to provide quality support for expatriate clients. IHI Danmark's personalized service and focus on the customer guarantees the highest quality product and satisfaction.