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    HennerHenner is a leading international insurance and consulting company that is based in France and was established almost 60 years ago.

    The company experienced significant development in the 70's and 80's after they acquired an international department and introduced 24 hour customer service to its clients. By 1999, Henner had opened offices in Asia-Pacific and created new divisions and products, such as Henner Consultants, Henner Sports, The Henner GMC Care Network and a new product offering Retirement Cover.

    Henner specializes in producing innovative insurance solutions for businesses, individuals and organizations around the globe. Their clients today include over 7,000 companies worldwide and over 24.4 million insurance claims are processed annually.

    With over 1,200 employees based in global locations, Henner are able to service clients in over 46 languages. If you would like to learn more about their plans, then please contact us today.