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    BUPA logoThe British United Provident Association, or BUPA, was formed in 1947. Since then the company has grown to cover nearly 7 million policyholders on three continents. BUPA is now the single largest international health insurer in the world. With almost 700,000 members in 190 countries, BUPA staff has extensive knowledge and experience in international healthcare.

    A unique quality of BUPA is that the company has no shareholders or investors. Any profits earned by the company are used to improve products and healthcare facilities around the world. BUPA's motto of 'Feel better' is indicative of the company's commitment to the health and well-being of policyholders. BUPA promotes healthy living through wellness initiatives to help policyholders avoid illness altogether.

    BUPA has a relationship network with over 5,500 hospitals worldwide providing policyholders with access to quality medical treatment. Medical expenses incurred at these facilities are settled directly with hospitals, so you can focus on recovery instead of filing claims. Should you file a claim while overseas, BUPA will pay in the currency of the country in which you reside, so you will not have to worry about exchanging currency or exchange rates.

    UPA maintains a 24-hour helpline with multilingual staff to assist policyholders at anytime, in addition to an online network that provides information and support to policyholders anywhere in the world. In 2006, BUPA's quality insurance products and services where recognized at the Health Insurance Awards by being awarded the Best International Private Medical Insurer.