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    Aetna logoEstablished in 1850, Aetna has a long history of quality insurance products and services.

    With such a long history and sound reputation, Aetna is recognized among the leading insurance providers worldwide. With over 15 million medical members and more than 30,000 employees, Aetna is the single largest American provider of insurance. Aetna offers a wide array of plans and options with quality client service.

    Aetna became the largest insurance provider in the United States in 1999 after the acquisition of Prudential Health Care. Aetna also has a strong international presence as well. In 1968, Aetna made it first expansion overseas when it acquired an Australian insurance company. In 1981, Aetna acquired stakes in insurance companies in England , Hong Kong , Spain , Chile , Korea , Indonesia and Taiwan . Aetna then entered the Chinese insurance marketing 1993 and the Thai market in 1998.

    With decades of experience serving overseas nationals' healthcare needs, Aetna provides first rate service and resources to policyholders around the globe. Aetna maintains a network of affiliated medical centers of excellence throughout the world. These partnerships expedite claims processing for policyholders as well as guarantee policyholders top-quality medical care anywhere in the world.

    Aetna 's online network provides policyholders with the means to manage their policy and access healthcare information from anywhere in the world. The Aetna websites were recognized by the World Wide Web Health Awards in 2006 with an award of merit. In 2006 and 2007, Aetna was rated second best by Fortune magazine Most Admired Companies in the health care industry.