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    Teaching abroad is an exciting opportunity that requires careful planning. Living overseas is both a rewarding and challenging experience. Life in a new country can bring unexpected hardships as you adjust to a new environment and lifestyle. In order to guarantee your health and well-being overseas, it is essential to obtain comprehensive medical insurance before relocating.

    Many insurance companies have developed health insurance plans specifically for expatriate teachers. A Teacher plan provides similar cover to an individual international medical insurance plan, with competitive premiums. Teachers usually go abroad for only 1or 2 years, so a Teacher plan is best-suited for short-term coverage only. For long-term insurance needs, a regular individual health insurance plan is more suitable.

    Anyone working at an expatriate school is eligible for a Teacher focussed insurance plan. Teacher plan premiums are based on the age of applicants and the desired location of cover, not nationality. Plans can be customized with the addition of optional coverage, such as Dental or Maternity, to satisfy each individual teacher's needs. We at IHI can help you choose the right plan and find a deductible or excess to help keep premiums low.

    Teacher focussed insurance plans can be personalized to provide coverage in one of the five following regions:

    • Australia and New Zealand
    • Europe
    • China
    • Worldwide excluding USA
    • Worldwide

    If you would like more information about these types of insurance plans or if you want to receive a free quote, please contact us.

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