• Outpatient Coverage

    Many international expatriate insurance plans cover both inpatient and outpatient health care. Given the uncertainty associated with living abroad, most expatriates choose insurance plans that cover both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Insurance companies offer extensive reimbursements that should cover most incurred medical expenses.

    Many insurers will include outpatient coverage in addition to an inpatient plan for an increased yearly premium. Frequent outpatient treatments can quickly cause an accumulation of medical expenses. The addition of outpatient coverage can protect you against the burden of even occasional outpatient treatments, so it is therefore worthwhile for you to consider this coverage either as an individual or for your family.

    A policy including Outpatient coverage typically includes:

    • Routine health check-ups
    • Diagnostic tests, including X-rays
    • Medical practitioner and Specialist fees
    • Prescription medications
    • Home nursing
    • Alternative treatments
    • Vaccinations

    Since the reimbursement of some of these treatments may depend upon the maximum yearly reimbursement amount (a benefit limit) on your policy, it is recommended that these amounts be examined prior to selecting an international health insurance plan.

    With many options available to you, selecting the right type of international insurance plan can be confusing. Our advisors can assist you in determining what type of plan best suits you and your family's needs.