• Inpatient Coverage

    Inpatient, or hospitalization, coverage is included in all expatriate health insurance plans. Plans including only inpatient care are often referred to as 'Basic' or 'Major Medical' plans. Additional optional benefits covering outpatient, maternity, and dental treatment may be included as well.

    Because of the especially high costs of inpatient care and surgical procedures, expenses accrued from a single surgery can account for more than all premiums ever paid on a policy.

    Normal benefits of Inpatient coverage usually include:

    • Semi-private/private hospital room
    • Organ transplant
    • Out-patient surgery
    • Surgery, Anesthetist and Operating theatre charges
    • Ambulance costs
    • In-patient Lab tests, X-rays, Diagnostic tests, MRI etc.
    • Prescriptions Drugs and Dressing
    • Intensive Care Unit
    • Surgical Appliances and Prostheses
    • Diagnostic Tests
    • Physiotherapy
    • Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
    • Accommodation costs for Parent
    • Oncology

    Additional benefits of Inpatient care may include:

    • Emergency Evacuation
    • Local Ambulance
    • Out-Patient Surgery
    • Pregnancy Complications
    • Day Care Treatment
    • Treatment
    • Rehabilitation
    • Home Nursing