• General Exclusions

    Expatriate health insurance plans will provide you and your family with the highest levels of healthcare protection available. However, it is important to consider the exclusions, which are treatment expenses that will not reimbursed, that are set forth by each insurance provider. These exclusions are different among the various policies and insurers, so when considering an expatriate insurance plan it is essential to examine the exclusions included within the policy.

    Any illness, ailment, or injury present at the time of application is normally excluded from the insured's coverage. Some global health insurers may include general and specific exclusions if you purchase their expatriate medical insurance policy. You should speak with an international insurance advisor to see what coverage may be unavailable in your specific case.

    Common exclusions include:

    • Plastic and cosmetic surgery
    • Pre-existing conditions
    • Conditions developed due to misuse of drugs or alcohol
    • Experimental or unproven care
    • Fertility treatment or testing
    • Any intentionally self-inflicted bodily injuries
    • Treatment of psychological conditions
    • Termination of pregnancy unless medically prescribed
    • AIDS or HIV related diseases.
    • Contraception, including sterilization
    • Epidemics that are under the direction of the authorities
    • Obesity treatments
    • Sexual dysfunction
    • Treatment of diseases during military service