• Emergency Evacuation Insurance

    Emergency Evacuation

    In the event of an emergency medical situation, the costs of care in a foreign country can accumulate quickly, especially if evacuation from that country is required for appropriate treatment. Not all countries possess the up-to-date medical treatment facilities necessary to deal with serious injury or medical emergency. Expatriate insurance plans provide coverage for emergency medical evacuations, among other expenses, while traveling and living abroad.

    When medical evacuation is found to be potentially necessary, the insurance company, in conjunction with the attending doctor, will assess the situation and determine the best course of action. The insurance company and doctor will find the nearest medical centre of excellence best able to provide the necessary level of care for the client, and will arrange for the evacuation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    As people so often travel with friends and family, expatriate medical insurance plans will also usually cover the transportation costs of one person to go along with the insured. Although certain restrictions may apply, most international health insurers will also cover return transportation costs for both parties.

    Should the worst occur, and the policyholder dies while overseas, expatriate health insurance plans will cover transportation of the policyholder's remains to their home country. Family members are allowed to determine the way in which the deceased shall return home. Coverage usually provides for cremation and an urn, or a zinc coffin for transport home.

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