• Dental Insurance

    Dental insurance coverage is not always included in expats health insurance plans provided by companies. Even if dental coverage is included, the extend of coverage and standard of care provided is often not sufficient. As a result, many expatriates elect to purchase additional dental insurance to make up the difference in cover.

    As many people have pre-existing dental conditions, insurance plans that provide a dental benefit usually have a waiting period. Dental waiting periods are normally at least 10 months, but speak with one of our advisors to discuss what options would be available to you.

    Expatriate dental insurance coverage falls into two categories: Routine Dental Treatment, and Special or Major Dental Treatment.

    Routine Dental Treatment coverage typically includes:

    • Cleanings
    • Examinations
    • Consultations
    • X-rays
    • Local anesthesia
    • Simple Fillings
    • Root Canal
    • Emergency Treatment
    • Occlusion bar
    • Prescriptions

    Special or Major Dental Treatment coverage may include:

    • Tooth Adjustment
    • Treatment of Periondontitis
    • Treatment of Gingivitis
    • Bridgework and Repairs
    • Dentures
    • Temporary Crowns, Porcelain Crowns and Gold Jackets
    • Membrane Treatment
    • Root Scaling

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