• Chronic Conditions

    Chronic conditions are those which can be managed but have no known cure and will persist over time. Examples of chronic conditions include: diabetes, asthma, or heart disease. Acute conditions are short term occurrences where symptoms of the chronic ailment are displayed.

    Many expatriate medical insurance plans will cover chronic conditions. Since these conditions, and the subsequent costs of treatment, will be with you for the rest of your life it is important to have the right medical insurance coverage before you become ill.

    Many young people may not see the need for chronic condition coverage as chronic conditions typically effect older generations. Treatment for chronic conditions can be very costly as it will continue for many years. Once the condition is diagnosed it may be more difficult for a person to get coverage later in life because insurance companies will see it as a pre-existing condition. Therefore, it is worthwhile for young people to consider getting coverage before becoming ill.

    Certain international health insurance plans limit coverage to the acute phases of the condition only. The annual and lifetime limits provide generous coverage for chronic conditions on per year and lifelong basis. An International Health Insurance advisor can help you find the policy that will best cover your long-term healthcare needs.