• Hong Kong Travel Advice

    Hong Kong is among the most vibrant, cosmopolitan cities in the world. A center of finance, trade, entertainment, and tourism, Hong Kong has everything a city of the world can offer. Combining both Chinese and western culture, Hong Kong offers a unique cultural environment. Westerners and Chinese alike find it easy to adjust to life in Hong Kong .

    Travel to, and around Hong Kong is very convenient. The public transportation system is exceptionally efficient, with high-speed rail transport to and from the airport, a subway system, buses, and trams. For the most part, taxi drivers understand enough English to accommodate foreign visitors.

    • While Hong Kong is officially part of China, the city retains its own immigration regulations and controls. Many visitors can stay in Hong Kong for 6 months without a visa, but it is recommended to check your individual eligibility before traveling to Hong Kong.
    • As Hong Kong is now a part of China, all former British military installations are now in the control of China's People's Liberation Army (PLA). It is advisable not to photograph any such installations.
    • Serious crime is uncommon, but petty theft and pick-pocketing do occur in areas popular with tourists.
    • Like Singapore, there are fines for spitting and littering.
    • In recent years demonstrations have become more frequent. Although they draw very large crowds, they are normally quite orderly and peaceful. It is advisable to avoid such demonstrations.

    Hong Kong is susceptible to typhoons between April and October. While the city is quite capable of handling this type of weather, travel delays and disruptions may occur. Plan accordingly if you intend to travel to Hong Kong during this time.


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