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    The medical facilities and doctors in Hong Kong are world class. At most healthcare facilities, many doctors and medical staff speak English, and the level of service and care in Hong Kong hospitals is very high. However the cost of healthcare in Hong Kong is very expensive as well. Hong Kong is behind only the United States in terms of healthcare costs. Even routine doctor visits are expensive in comparison with other countries.

    Like most countries in the world, Hong Kong is suffering from the increasing costs of healthcare. With new demands from an ageing population, rising expectations from consumers, and expensive new medical technologies, the cost of healthcare in Hong Kong will continue to rise.

    Spending by both the private and public sectors on healthcare is comparatively low by international standards. Only 6.3% of Hong Kong's GDP is spent on healthcare, in comparison to 9.2% in the United Kingdom and 16.1% in the United States. While Hong Kong has just 16 doctors per 10,000 people, Hong Kong's healthcare network and health statistics rate well in comparison to other developed economies.

    The Hospital Authority (HA) is Hong Kong's government body responsible for the management of the 41 public hospitals. These public hospitals maintain 90% of the available hospital beds in Hong Kong. Hong Kong hospitals are clustered into groups to avoid duplicating services and to improve specializations. The Hospital Authority also operates 75 general outpatient clinics and 48 specialist outpatient clinics.

    Hong Kong also has 12 private and non-profit hospitals. The private hospitals include: Hong Kong Central Hospital, Union Hospital, Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital, and the Matilda and War Memorial Hospital. There are also several missionary hospitals including: St Paul 's, Baptist, St Teresa's, Precious Blood, Canossa, Evangel, and two Adventist hospitals. While treatment in public hospitals is not entirely free, it is very much subsidized by the Hong Kong government. As a result, waiting lists for treatment at public hospitals can be very long but overall costs are considerably lower than in private care.

    Even though Hong Kong is a modern city, its location in a tropical climate makes it susceptible to various mosquito-borne as well as other diseases. Malaria and Dengue fever are occasional problems, but rarely pose a widespread threat. In 2003, the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak created significant disruptions in Hong Kong.There have also been concerns of an Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) outbreak in Hong Kong as well as other countries in Asia.

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