• Hong Kong Car Insurance - Third Party Insurance & Comprehensive Car Insurance

    For International Health Insurance members in Hong Kong, consider obtaining Hong Kong car insurance through our partner Kwiksure! They offer the best Third Party or Comprehensive Car Insurance to all drivers in the city.

    Third Party Insurance

    In Hong Kong it is required that every vehicle in the city is covered by at least a Third Party Insurance policy. The purpose of this coverage is to cover the repair costs should a third party be injured, killed, or have their property damaged in an accident caused while you are driving your vehicle. This minimum required coverage – which must provide HKD 2,000,000 coverage for property damage and HKD 100,000,000 for death or injury- does not include benefits for your injuries or damage to your vehicle or other property.

    Having said that, there are also Third Party Insurance policies that include coverage for fire and theft. With this added coverage you can have your vehicle covered as your property, and in the event that it either catches fire or is stolen, there will be some amount of reimbursement. To be clear, this is a benefit that is not standard with the large majority of Third Party Insurance policies for vehicles.

    Comprehensive Car Insurance

     For those that want to protect others that might be injured through their own fault, as well as their own selves, passengers and property, Comprehensive Car Insurance is the way to go. To be clear, comprehensive coverage will protect you and your vehicle while also providing the coverage that Third Party Insurance affords. Beyond this, there are a number of additional benefits that can be included on a Comprehensive Car Insurance plan:

    • Vehicle towing is offered by some HK car insurance companies so that your vehicle can be taken to a repair center should it break down in an inconvenient location.

    • Damaged beyond repair is a term used when a vehicle is so damaged that it would be unreasonably costly to attempt to repair it. Coverage for damaged beyond repair vehicles will pay out the full non-depreciated amount for an identical car model in this instance. This only applies to vehicles that have been first registered no more than 12 months from their date of manufacture.

    • There is also coverage available for damaged windscreens, with benefits up to HK$5,000.  

    • An important feature of some Comprehensive Car Insurance plans is the No Claims Discount (NCD), which is a discount that is awarded by Hong Kong Car Insurance companies to drivers that make no claims on their insurance after a set period of time, usually up to a maximum of 60% for individual vehicles.

    Why get HK Car Insurance with Kwiksure?

    We are confident that expats based in Hong Kong will be more than satisfied with the excellent service provided by the dedicated and knowledgeable insurance advisors at Kwiksure.

    The reason to use Kwiksure versus going directly to the insurer is that, as an HK car insurance broker, they are able to provide you with a comparison of plans from numerous insurance companies. They will do this by finding plans that are perfectly suited to your specific needs and budget.

    The reason to use Kwiksure rather than another broker is that they are a trusted brand that has been supplying Hong Kong with quality motor insurance products for over 16 years, and their 120,000+ members are a testament to this.

    How to get Hong Kong Car Insurance

    All that need be done in order to purchase your Hong Kong Car Insurance today is to contact our expert partners at Kwiksure! Supply them with a few details and you’ll be well on your way to being road legal in Hong Kong.