• Frequently Asked questions

    So that you may better understand you international health insurance plan, we have listed some of the frequently asked questions we receive about insurance plans and what they can provide.

    What is an international health insurance plan?

    An international health insurance plan provides worldwide comprehensive medical coverage. It is ideally suited for people living or traveling abroad as it provides coverage wherever you may be. Its can also be personalized to meet the client's specific coverage needs.

    How long does an international health insurance plan last?

    An international insurance plan usually lasts for 1 year, and then the plan must be renewed. Many international insurance plans are guaranteed renewable for life, so even if you become ill your coverage will still be available to you after the end of the first year.

    Who can buy an international health insurance plan?

    International insurance plans are available to anyone living outside their home country. When you return to your home country, some plans will also cover you in your home country as well.

    Is it better to buy a travel insurance plan or an international health insurance plan?

    Travel insurance plans provide short-term coverage only; no more than 12 months. Since they are not renewable, they will not provide coverage for any long term medical conditions. Travel plans are designed to evacuate you back to your home country in the event of a serious illness or injury. International health insurance plans provide more comprehensive coverage. If you relocating overseas for any length of time, its is advisable to consider international health insurance plans.

    Can our company get international health insurance?

    International Health Insurance provides insurance plans for groups and companies, in addition to individuals and families. Whether you are a multinational corporation, or a sport or social club, we can provide a comprehensive international medical insurance plan for you.

    What is the maximum age to join an international health insurance plan?

    Depending on the insurance company, many plans will allow you to join until the age of 80. International health insurance plans are also guaranteed renewable for life.

    If I move back to my home country, will I still have coverage?

    Many international health insurance plans provide coverage even when you move back to your home country. The conditions depend upon the policy, insurance company, and the country to which you are returning. Some allow you to retain your coverage indefinitely.

    What is the difference between an inpatient plan and an outpatient plan?

    Inpatient plans cover medical treatment that requires an overnight stay in a hospital or other medical facility. In addition, inpatient plans cover post-hospitalization treatment, home care, and emergency evacuation. Outpatient plans typically provide the same benefits of inpatient plans, but also cover the costs of check-ups, specialist consultations, and physician visits. You may also choose to add other benefits to your coverage such as maternity or dental to inpatient and outpatient plans.

    If I live in the USA can I get coverage with an international health insurance plan?

    It is possible to get international health insurance coverage in the U.S. , but you must also have domestic health insurance coverage as well. However, if you have previously been refused coverage by a domestic insurer, it is easy to overcome the domestic requirement regulation.

    Can Americans buy international health insurance plans?

    Americans who live outside the U.S. for more than 6 months per year are usually eligible for international health insurance coverage. Some plans even offer continuing coverage to Americans returning to the U.S.

    Can I choose my doctor and hospital?

    Most international health insurance plans allow you to see the doctor, or visit the hospital, of your choosing. When relocating to a new country, you can contact your insurance company for help finding a suitable hospital or healthcare provider. International health insurance also allows you to travel to another country to receive medical treatment.

    What is a deductible? How will it affect my international health insurance plan?

    A deductible is the amount of money specified in the insurance policy that you pay toward each claim which is then subtracted from the amount of money to be reimbursed. A policyholder can use a deductible to reduce the cost of the overall insurance premium without forfeiting any coverage.

    How do I make a claim?

    The policyholder typically pays for outpatient treatment upfront, and then seeks reimbursement from the insurance company. The policyholder will then submit completed claims forms, receipts, and any doctors' notes to the insurance company. Scheduled inpatient treatment can be directly settled between the insurance company and the hospital, provided the policyholder has given proper notice to the insurance company prior to treatment. In an emergency situation, you can present your insurance card at the hospital and then give notice to the insurance company.

    How is my claim processed?

    Once your completed claims form is received, the claims process will begin. On average, payment for reimbursement takes 10 days. Delays in reimbursement are most often the result of incomplete paperwork or a pre-existing condition.

    Can I receive dental coverage with my international health insurance?

    Most international health insurance plans can provide comprehensive dental coverage. Options are also often available to cover more serious dental conditions. In some cases a waiting period is included for dental coverage.

    What is not covered by an international health insurance plan?

    International health plans contain certain exclusions which vary among the different insurance companies. The more common exclusions include such treatments as cosmetic surgery, experimental treatments, HIV/AIDS related treatments, and acts of war. You should read the policy conditions of the insurance plan to see what treatments may be excluded from coverage.

    Can I get coverage for pre-existing conditions?

    Some insurers will provide coverage for pre-existing conditions; however, many insurers will impose a 24 month waiting period before offering coverage. If the insurer offers coverage for a pre-existing condition, it will usually come with an increase, or loaded, premium.

    Are sports, hobbies, and activities covered?

    Many non-professional sports and activities are covered by international health insurance plans. However, extreme sports such as parachuting, bungee jumping, hang-gliding, and mountaineering are not included. If you would like to be covered for a specific activity or sport, you should declare it to the insurance company.

    Will my premium increase?

    International health insurance premiums will only increase as you age and with the pace of inflation of medical costs. Even if you claim for expensive treatments one year, your international health insurance premiums will not increase the following policy year; as opposed to local health insurance plans which increase your premiums if you make large claims.

    How do I pay for my insurance plan?

    Insurance companies accept payment in most major currencies in the form of cash, check, bank transfer, or credit card. While some insurers require payment prior to commencement of the plan, many insurers allow you up to 21 days to pay after your application has been accepted. Most insurance companies permit cancellation of the plan and provide a full refund without charge within the first 30 days if you unhappy with the plan.