• Dubai Travel Advice

    As a Dubai is a Muslim country, many local customs and laws are based on the Islamic faith. These customs are unfamiliar to most from the West and other parts of the world. Dubai is the best known Emirate of the UAE. With most of the economy focused on tourism, IT, and service industries, Dubai attracts many of the foreign visitors to the UAE.

    • Many foreign visitors to Dubai can stay for up to 60 days on visits for business or leisure. For visits over 60 days, a visa must be obtained prior to travel.
    • Visitors should observe local standards of dress and behavior. Women and men should dress modestly. Public displays of affection between men and women are not socially acceptable.
    • The penalties for narcotics possession and narcotics trafficking are severe. The presence of narcotics in the body is considered possession, and is punishable by at least four years in jail.
    • The importation of particular items such as pork products, certain books, magazines, and videos may be confiscated or censored.
    • Alcohol should only be consumed in designated locations, such as hotels or other licensed establishments.
    • Dubai has a very low crime rate. Even petty theft and pick-pocketing are rare occurrences.
    • The threat of a terrorist attack is serious. As Dubai is a comparatively ‘western' society in the Gulf region with a large number of expatriates, it is a possible target for terrorist attacks.
    • Sex outside of marriage is also a punishable offence, as is adultery and homosexual behavior.
    • Visitors should also avoid any sort of public demonstrations.