• Inpatient Claims

    We only work with insurance companies with sound claims processing procedures to ensure your claims are handled promptly. With years of experience, our expatriate health insurance advisors are here to assure fast and efficient handling of your claims.

    In the event of inpatient treatment, you should notify your health insurance company at the earliest possible time. The insurance company can then deal directly with the hospital to settle your claim. If you can inform the insurance company prior to admission into the hospital, then you can avoid outright payment of treatment and subsequently waiting for reimbursement. Also, with prior notification of treatment, you will be assured of coverage by your expatriate health insurance company.

    In case of an emergency, your international health insurance company will provide coverage for your treatment. Of course the treatment must qualify as a qualified expense. In such case, it is best if someone can notify your insurance company or advisor on your behalf as soon as possible.