• Travel Tips

    China has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years. With the country's rapid development, more and more foreigners are visiting and relocating to China. China's major cities are developing and modernizing rapidly. Cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou are economic powerhouses that attract foreign and local investment alike.

    Travel within China is best done by airline, although the rail service has been upgraded considerably in recent years. Many of the new railways include high-speed rail service. Transportation within the city is usually convenient with ample public transportation and an abundance of taxis. Taxi drivers however rarely speak any English, so it is advisable to get the address of your destination in written Chinese.

    • Before entering China, visitors must obtain a visa. Only at Hainan Island can visas be obtained upon arrival. Overstaying a visitor visa will result in the application of fines.
    • The importation of any meat or produce into China is not permitted, as is the importation of certain publications or videos that could be interpreted as detrimental to Chinese culture.
    • Visitors should carry their passport at all times in the event police request inspection of personal documentation.
    • There is little serious crime committed against foreigners, however petty theft occurs in some areas. Areas popular with foreigners, like tourist attractions and bar areas are usual sites for pick-pocketing.
    • Natural disasters such as flooding, typhoons, and earthquakes do occur in China. Flooding may occur along the Yangtze River and in central, southern, and western areas of China. The typhoon season typically runs from mid-summer through the fall. Earthquakes are usually limited to southwestern and northwestern areas.
    • Upon departure from China, your belongings may be searched for any cultural treasures. A cultural treasure usually includes certain types of art, jade, jewelry, or anything of historical importance.
    • Travel on China's highways can be dangerous. Traffic laws are often ignored, and speeding is common. It is recommended to allow a Chinese national familiar with the roadways in China to do the driving.